Thursday, August 15, 2013

local spot: Anitgua Latin restaurant

^^delicious pupusa and empandas^^

^^best.flan.ever^^ photo by Michael Sears

A few weeks ago, we finally made it over to Antigua Latin restaurant (I've had a groupon for this for months!) and we were both very impressed with....everything! 

The restaurant, located in West Allis, was totally different than I expected-fresh, lots of bright colors and of course, traditional Latin American decor. Our waitress was wonderful which is always huge and appreciated in any dining experience. 

We decided that we would just sample some of their small plates so we could get a taste of a variety of dishes, but I think we will certainly head back to try an entree or two next time. First, we started with ceviche-a first time for both of us and it did not disappoint! Light, great citrus sauce on top and served with homemade tortilla chips, a win-win-win for sure!

Next we tried the Yolanda empanadas, an Argentian dish with ground beef, onions, egg, and raisins-seasoned really well with a great balance of salty and sweet. We also chose the pupusa, corn tortilla pockets filled with pork and beans...simple, but great flavors. Final dish of the night: cochinita sliders! Pulled pork perfection.

So even though I was feeling pretty satisfied with the meal, when our waitress brought out the dessert menu and I saw "Milwaukee's Best Flan" right on top, I couldn't pass up the chance to try a piece. I will selfishly (and embarrassingly) admit that I miiiight have had the whole piece to myself, but MAN was it g-o-o-d! Lucky for me, I happened to stumble across the recipe for their flan, so now I can recreate the magic at home!

Long story short: fun, vibrant, delicious, can't wait to go back!

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