Wednesday, June 26, 2013

still here, i swear and some tunes...

obviously documenting life and things has gone way down on the priority list, but I swear I am still here! Having just started a new job, life has become a bit hectic and necessary to focus on one thing at a time BUT I hope to start sharing what's going on in my time place again :)

Now I must tell you that while I have been settling into a new routine, I have been really excited to check out a new album from one of my favorite performers, Dessa. She just released "Parts of Speech" and it has more or less been on repeat the past 24ish hours. Intelligent and thoughtful lyrics, great beats, and an evolution into something much more than just your everyday "rapper" are all clear in this album, so I highly recommend checking it out! 

Lucky for you, a local radio station in Minneapolis, the Current, hosted a special session called "Dessa Deconstructed" discussing the creative process of making the new album, as well as a few live performances...enjoy! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

summer is here!

^^lake views from McKinley Park

^^Ry's grandma aka the new spokeswoman for Lakefront Brewery

^^father's day stroll at Lion's Den Gorge

I recently accepted a new job (yay!) and during the transition I had a few days off to let life slow down and reorganize myself. This meant I was able to spend some time strolling around Milwaukee while enjoying some of the most perfect summer weather we have had yet, reading, paying a visit to Lakefront Brewery aka Ryan's "office", and a trip to the cottage for birthday celebrations. 

Last but not least, I spent almost the whole day with my dad on Sunday-chipping paint off the fence and sanding it down (it's true, I used power tools), exploring Lion's Den Gorge with our dog Bailey, and had a great Sunday night dinner (I made this pasta dish for everyone) with the fam. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

frances ha

I came across the trailer for Noah Baumbach's new film, Frances Ha, starring Greta Gerwig and was pretty smitten with it! Gerwig's character, Frances seems to have all the best intentions to really do something with her life, but has become lost in the mix of trying to figure it all out (which we all should know by now is easier said than done!). Despite a lot of things being (hilariously) imperfect, Frances remains continuously optimistic and tells a story of "...a young woman in crisis that turns self-consciousness into an exalted form of authenticity...."

p.s. Check out Landmark Theater's interview with Greta Gerwig here
p.p.s another great looking (and funny!) film that is on my list! 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

local spot: love handle

The other day a few of my co-workers and I decided to stroll over to Love Handle for a bite to eat. This Eastside cafe, owned by husband and wife Chris and Ally Benedyk, just opened a few weeks ago and I have had my eye on this place, watching it slowly take shape over the past few months. My curiosity was especially peeked when I had a chance to peruse their (ever-changing) menu: Buffalo duck croquettes, Black Tea Ginger ice cream (homemade!), foie gras cheese cake, black truffle bologna, and churros with spicy chocolate sauce to name a few.

I really love the interior design of Love Handle's space: clean, but charming with the chalkboard menu, paper table cloths, and fun art pieces on the walls. But onto the important things like what we ate! We all decided to go with a sandwich and chose the "Rollie Fingers" - Pulled Pork Shoulder, Pickled Watermelon Rind, Blue Cheese Aioli,  the "Mitch" - Egg Salad Fritters, Pea Shoots, Wine Mustard, and I had the "Love Handle" - Porchetta, Cactus Pickles, Tomato Jam.

Oh, man....were these sandwiches t-a-s-t-y! There was plenty to eat, so we all tried one another's pick, but I personally liked my sandwich (the Love Handle) best. Honestly, it was the tomato jam really pulled everything together and almost was like a sweet BBQ sauce. The porchetta wasn't too shabby either-very rich and savory. 

All in all, I would definitely recommend paying Love Handle a visit. Their menu is constantly changing and it looks like they are in no shortage of creative and eclectic choices. I know I will be heading back to give their homemade ice cream a whirl! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

friends, biking, brunch | weekend in chicago

I snuck off this past Saturday morning for another lovely weekend in Chicago! I am so grateful to be such a quick train ride away from some of my favorite friends-we biked around, I tried a delicious coffee glazed donut at Glazed & Infused, cheered on the Blackhawks, wandered around my old neighborhood and per usual had a lovely brunch on Sunday morning in Bucktown. Most importantly, we caught up on one another's lives, celebrated the beginning of new work & life chapters, and just enjoyed each other's company. 

I'd say I am pretty lucky to have these people in my life, that is for sure :)

Friday, June 7, 2013

happy nat'l donut day!

If you're a donut lover, than today is your day! I tend to be pretty boring with my donut choices, with my favorite being the plain donuts, only because they are perfect to dip into my coffee or latte. If you are joining in on the donut festivities, then why not mix it up and GRILL your donut! I'd stay away from choosing the ones with extra icing otherwise you're in for a real mess...

p.s If you have a Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme in the area, then check out their deals for the day here!
p.p.s These cronuts are apparently all the rage in NYC-any of you East Coasters tried it out?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


a little bit of beauty and talent comin' at ya this morning....this piece is from my dear friend's talented sister, director Kaliya Warren, who has collaborated with an up and coming NYC designer, Anna Kathleen and two dancers from Bklyn Beast.

I love how this fashion film transcends the idea that clothing lines should be presented strictly on the runway. Fashion for me, truly is an art and "Revelation" has a way of capturing the magic in the clothing itself, as well as in the movement of the dancers.

(Check out another Warren & Kathleen collaboration here!)

Monday, June 3, 2013

local spot: wolf peach

It's been ages since I have given you a peek at the "local spots" around town and as we approach our one-year anniversary of the Milwaukee move, I feel like it's even more necessary to share the local spots we have been checking out!

On Friday night, my sister and I met up and decided to go to Wolf Peach for a belated birthday and graduation gift/celebration. My brother had been raving about the dishes he and his girlfriend had tried, so I was looking forward to finally giving it a try. Right away, I was smitten with the decor at Wolf Peach-a rustic and earthy vibe with a great view Milwaukee to boot. We lucked out and were able to grab a spot on the lower porch, crossed our fingers that the rain would hold off, and perused through the menu!

We decided to try a few different dishes...the fried broccoli with parmesan and picked jalapeno aioli sauce, roasted sweetbreads (our most daring dish) with vegetables, a carrot puree and caper brown butter. Lastly, we went with the lamb sausage, leek, mushroom, chili oil, and goat cheese wood-fired pizza! I unfortunately lost the pictures of some of the other dishes, so you will just have to trust me that they both looked and tasted amazing! I think that our favorite dishes were definitely the pizza and the fried broccoli...every pizza should be cooked in a wood-fire oven, that's all I'm sayin'.

We finished our meal by satisfying our sweet tooth's with the Wolf Peach Turtle trifle. So not necessary, but man was it goo-od! I would absolutely recommend trying this lovely little place out the next time you are choosing a restaurant-friendly service, delicious food, and a great view! I am looking forward to coming back and having Ry try it out too.