Monday, October 15, 2012

desk dining

I don't know about you, but I get stuck eating lunch at my desk way too often and with the chillier weather, stepping outside to chow down isn't quite as appealing anymore. I also don't exactly have a lunch/break room...unless I want to hang out in the tiny nook that houses our microwave and refrigerator that is definitely from the 70's. Anyways, I came across some smart tips about how to make eating your lunch at your desk "cool" from the lovely people at Refinery29.

1. Take the time to plate your lunch...don't use your sad ziplock container, break out a real plate/bowl/utensils and enjoy the food you have! Don't have these available at work, look into getting something affordable to keep at work like these from Target.
2. No crumbs! If you have to be right at your computer over the lunch hour, then try to keep the crumbs confined to your plate or lay out a napkin to catch any runaways. 
3. Keep a stock of your favorite add-on's in the fridge or maybe in an extra drawer so you can eat the way you want to-salt, pepper, hot sauce, your favorite salad dressing...have a stash!
4. If you're allowed to view some of your favorite Youtube/music/news clips or videos then take a minute for yourself to check out from work and get a quick fix before you have to head back to the daily grind.
5. Last, but probably the most important....clean up! Even if you never eat at your desk, that space can get pretty dirty whether you realize it or not, so take the time to grab a wipe or paper towel and give your work space a good clean!

There ya have're fully prepared for desk dining....ultimately, if you are able to step away and hang out in your break room or work cafeteria-do it! We spend far too much time at our desks as it is-have a great Monday! 

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