Wednesday, June 26, 2013

still here, i swear and some tunes...

obviously documenting life and things has gone way down on the priority list, but I swear I am still here! Having just started a new job, life has become a bit hectic and necessary to focus on one thing at a time BUT I hope to start sharing what's going on in my time place again :)

Now I must tell you that while I have been settling into a new routine, I have been really excited to check out a new album from one of my favorite performers, Dessa. She just released "Parts of Speech" and it has more or less been on repeat the past 24ish hours. Intelligent and thoughtful lyrics, great beats, and an evolution into something much more than just your everyday "rapper" are all clear in this album, so I highly recommend checking it out! 

Lucky for you, a local radio station in Minneapolis, the Current, hosted a special session called "Dessa Deconstructed" discussing the creative process of making the new album, as well as a few live performances...enjoy! 

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