Tuesday, June 18, 2013

summer is here!

^^lake views from McKinley Park

^^Ry's grandma aka the new spokeswoman for Lakefront Brewery

^^father's day stroll at Lion's Den Gorge

I recently accepted a new job (yay!) and during the transition I had a few days off to let life slow down and reorganize myself. This meant I was able to spend some time strolling around Milwaukee while enjoying some of the most perfect summer weather we have had yet, reading, paying a visit to Lakefront Brewery aka Ryan's "office", and a trip to the cottage for birthday celebrations. 

Last but not least, I spent almost the whole day with my dad on Sunday-chipping paint off the fence and sanding it down (it's true, I used power tools), exploring Lion's Den Gorge with our dog Bailey, and had a great Sunday night dinner (I made this pasta dish for everyone) with the fam. 

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