Wednesday, February 13, 2013

for all you last-minute lovebirds...

Valentine's Day sneak up on you??
Have no fear, a few ideas for some last minute ideas for your sweetie :)

Super simple coffee mug that you can personalize any way you'd like! Perhaps a favorite love poem, lyrics from "your song", or you can go with the witty route like this one on mint

Salted dark chocolate popcorn...yes please! This is sure to satisfy any sweet tooths and would be fun to snack on while watching your favorite rom-com ;) It's valentine's day-you have to!

No better time to say "cheers" with your main squeeze (or maybe your main-squeeze to be!), so why not have a special valentine cocktail? I like the sound of this Pomegranate-Champagne punch...

A delicious dinner is never a bad thing in my book for valentine's day, but you can always go the extra mile and try making something special at home! Smitten Kitchen is one of my favorite spots to find cooking inspiration and I think this gnocchi looks pretty darn good! Whip this up with some garlic bread, a salad and a nice bottle o' vino and I'd say your set!

MOST importantly though (even more than getting flowers or chocolates)...just be with the one you love...friends, family, your partner...and remember how lucky we all are to not have to go it alone.


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