Thursday, February 7, 2013

currently 1.0

Okay, so perhaps one of my new year's/birthday resolutions should be to bring more focus to this lil' blog of mine...yep, that might be a swell idea.
I think sometimes when you start out on a "venture" like this, it seems like you shouldn't have a problem sitting yourself down at the computer to do a bit of writing. But unfortunately, when most of my work week is spent at the computer, I just need to take a break! Although, this time I will blame my absence from the love type thing world due to my lack of computer charger (shout out to my brother for dropping it off!) 

Anyways! Here's what's been happening here in my time and place....


Downton Abbey...have you hopped on the bandwagon? I love the characters and seeing the both the stories of the staff and Crowley family. I am finally all caught up and looking forward to see what will happen next :)

Listening to...
Tegan & Sara | Heartthrob...I became a huge fan of the Canadian sister (twins!) duo when I was in college and still love their music! If you are familiar with their past music, then you might have even noticed that where "love type thing" came from :) It's probably partly nostalgic, but I am really excited for their new album AND I am finallllyyy going to get to seem them in concert in March, hooray! 


All spring-related fashion! I know, we've still got a ways to go here in the midwest before dresses can be worn without leggings and boots are traded in for sandals, but doesn't mean I can't look! (dress, sandals, top)

Excited for...

Chicago! I'm making a (impromptu) visit to one of my favorite cities this weekend to see some of my favorite people...doesn't get much better than that! (chi town print found here!)

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