Friday, March 1, 2013

currently 3.0

Reading the lovely and beautifully written insights of Meg Fee. She has such a wonderful way with words and writes so honestly that it is truly refreshing to read. I admire her ability to share the highs and lows, struggles and successes of her life-I feel like I could drink lattes and chat all day with her! I especially love her series “a letter to the man who will make me an honest woman"(image)

Listening to the L.A. based indie group, Local Natives. My brother's girlfriend recently put them back on my radar (they had gotten lost in the shuffle of other music!) and I am so glad I have brought them back into my music mix. Per usual, I love the Tiny Desk concert they performed a year ago and I think you will too! (image)

Loving everything about Madewell's Spring Collection. Probably because I am dying for some Vitamin D and the smells of spring, so of course spring fashion comes into play as well. This floral silk blouse is gorgeous, but I've also got my eye on a few of their dresses, naturally.

Excited for a bit of r & r at my parent's house this weekend-isn't it funny, last week I was craving exactly the opposite (travel! adventure!), but this week felt like a doozy, so a little quiet is fine with me. I am really hoping that I can make some time to do a bit of cooking and these wine-roasted mushroom crostinis sound like something delicious to try out.

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