Wednesday, March 20, 2013

we're ready for you spring!

Hello spring! Hello?? Anybody there?!
With today's high at about 20 degrees, I'd say we are all in serious need of springtime weather. I told Ry this morning that the cold is just plain oppressive. I think he thought I was being dramatic, but even he (who loves wintertime and snowboarding) is ready for warmer weather. So in hopes of kicking this spring season into gear, let's discuss some favorite things about spring! I'll go first....
1. Bike rides! I realize that there are some brave i.e. crazy people who ride year-round, but springtime is when the open road calls my name.
2. Spring flowers! When those flowers start to bloom and grass finally begins to grow back, there is nothing better than all those great smells in the air. I love seeing everything slowly start to creep up and out of the ground, especially the tulips!
3. Picnics! Because who doesn't like a good picnic in a great park...I'm looking forward to checking out the handful of different parks around Milwaukee and of course, the lovely lakefront.
4. Out with the old, in with the new...wardrobe! I am lover of boots, but I certainly won't complain when it's not a required item in my daily wardrobe. Same goes for sweaters and lots of layers...give me light and fresh!
5. Long walks! Nothing is worse than stepping outside and feeling completely assaulted by freezing temperatures and harsh winds. I have always loved being able to walk around and explore the neighborhoods I have lived in and it's always a million times better when the sun is shining down and birds chirping, don't you think??

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