Tuesday, April 9, 2013

mapping your city

I just discovered this really great project through a friend and had to share! Becky Cooper, writer and cartographer, had a brilliant idea to pass out blank maps of Manhattan as she walked along the streets of the city-asking people to create a map that showed "their Manhattan". After receiving all different versions of the map, documenting everyone's different experiences throughout the city, Cooper created the book "Mapping Manhattan: a Love (and Sometime Hate) Story in Maps" and it's pretty wonderful.

Now, here in good ol' Milwaukee, Milwaukee Magazine has challenged local Milwaukeeans to create their own personal map of Milwaukee based on their experiences throughout the city. Love stories, epic nights, unforgettable concerts, amazing meals-you can document it all on your map (and have a chance to win a prize!). I love the idea of orientating yourself in place based on the memories you have or those that are still waiting to be made! Where do you call home and what would your map look like?

You can check out more of Becky's Cooper's work here

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