Monday, April 22, 2013

monday motivation: do more.

Last week, I attended several sessions for the 2nd Annual Young Professionals Week here in Milwaukee and I have been having such a great time! Hosted by Newaukee, and ART Milwaukee, YP Week was perfect for learning all about what Milwaukee has to offer and really feel energetic about everything that is going on in this city.

On Wednesday, I went to the Charles Allis Art Museum for a Women Creating Change "social" that was a part of their "Women as Leaders" theme. I was impressed with what I heard from WGirls Founder and President, Amy Heller, that I thought I would share it with you for some Monday afternoon motivation (you can never have too much of that, right??) Her mantra was very simple: do M.O.R.E!

M: anage your influences and environment (aka take control!)
O: pen to change
R: econcile with your insecurities
E: mbrace life!

I know I would like to try and incorporate some, if not all, of this into my life. I feel like it can apply to a lot of areas of your life, both personal and professional and at the very least is worth pondering for a little while. So let's get this week started off right and start (trying) to do MORE!

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