Thursday, March 22, 2012

bathroom stall wisdom

You just never know where you are going to find some interesting advice-thought I'd share this find from over the weekend at Paddy's Irish Pub in Milwaukee. Note: I don't necessarily agree with all of this "wisdom" (I think some of this could apply to men too!), but found it entertaining nonetheless!

Every woman should...
know  how to use a stick shift; a plunger
understand the difference between don't tell a soul and 
don't tell a soul I mean it. 
Know her mind; change it.
Have protection handy; but too handy;
use special china and special underwear for no special reason;
over commit; come through; refuse to do it again; 
be able to discuss first and ten;
have better things to do;
set boundaries; go camping;
grow something; dance crazy all alone;
get dressed in five minutes; be a princess; get over it
believe in the perfect man (or woman); get over it
read; walk; flirt; shock; listen; sing
be single and like it; a lot
raise a child; or not
see a wrinkle and be reminded of her youth; not her age.

cheers to all you wonderful women out there! Happy Thursday :)

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