Wednesday, March 14, 2012

spring awakening!

I swear it was one week ago that I was groaning about how we still had SO much snow here in Duluth and now here I am, singing the praises of the beginning of spring time! But I am not complaining, not one bit.

Ryan and I got out yesterday for a little while with Reef (his Aussie Shepherd) and it was glorious! Still a bit slushy, but you can see all around, everything and everyone responding the warmer weather and taking advantage of it.

It feels so refreshing to not have to bundle up in long underwear, multiple pairs of socks, sweaters and whatever else you could possibly think of...just to walk to the bus stop. I went to an early morning yoga class and this session, I decided to dedicate my practice to spring time and it's potential for new beginnings and growth.

So wherever you are, I hope that today you get a chance to get out, enjoy some sunshine and find time to reflect on your new beginnings for this spring!
"The earth laughs in flowers." ~ E.E. Cummings 

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