Thursday, March 29, 2012

awkward and awesome

-the Duluth bus/people on the bus in general (this will probably forever be in the awkward category every single day)
-those lil fly aways that I attempt to straighten and tame and only cause them to stand up in an "Alfalfa" kind of fashion.
-fly down for the majority of the morning, yep.
-Dancing with the Stars...sorry for fans out there, I just think it is!
-overloading on coffee, causing extreme hot flashes (?!)
-my new iphone photo apps that will be my new obsession (see above!)
-having the best co-workers a girl could ask for
-broiling brusselsprouts with a lil parmesan cheese-deelish!
-magazines coming in the mail with tons of great recipes to try out (thank you Whole Living)
-toasted great harvest bread with peanut butter and honey
-massages....every day should start with a massage.
-martha marcy may marlene, finally saw it-still creeped out/disturbed by it, but it was awesome. and so is Elizabeth Olsen
--going to Milwaukee (yes, again!) tomorrow to celebrate my baby sis!

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