Monday, March 12, 2012

guilty pleasures

Alright. You know that you all have one-a guilty pleasure. 

I feel like mine always ends up being some form of reality tv-whether it was back in the day watching "American Idol" or in my college days, "Making the Band" (you know you love Danity Kane!), I just get drawn into the drama and ridiculousness of it all.
Current guilty pleasure: The Bachelor...

I know, I know-roll your eyes, but I watched one episode and I was hooked. It might be because it has given me a weekly outlet to just make fun of and criticize other people for 2 hours or to hear these women's crazy metaphors for love each week. Who knows!?
Tonight marks the finale and I can honestly say I am relieved to free myself of this-though I had a few favorites over the course of the show, the women are just full of unrealistic expectations for love (you can call me a cynic), cattiness and Ben is....gross.
So cheers to the Bachelor, it's ability to pick some crazy women, and to Ben's seemingly unwashed hair. Au revoir!

p.s. if you too are a Bachelor addict, I insist that you check out this woman's Bachelor Recap articles...they are hilarious and I wish I could have watched the show with her every week :)

What are your guilty pleasures?

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