Monday, March 5, 2012

why buy when you can rent?

Vena Cava
Citrine by the Stones

My friend had always told me that she'd consider renting a designer wedding gown rather than spending money on buying her own...I thought, no! You must own your own so you can save it....for what, I don't know?

Regardless of your thoughts on wedding dresses, I do think that it is a great and practical idea to look into renting an dress or even accessories rather than spending unimaginable amounts on an item you might only wear once. But where can you go to find such a thing? Say hello to Rent the Runway, created by college friends Jennifer Fliess and Jennifer Hyman, who wanted to create a way to access a "dream closet" without breaking the bank! Genius.

Rent the Runway is free to join and you have access to clothes and accessories from designers like: 
Calvin Klein
M Missoni
Vera Wang (one of personal faves)
Cynthia Rowley....and dozens more!

So check out Rent the Runway today for an upcoming occasion or just to see if they have something from one of your dream designers. There's no need to go broke just to look good :)

For more reading about the beauty of renting vs. buying, check out this article too!

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  1. That friend of yours sounds real smart. ;)