Friday, March 23, 2012

have a lovely weekend

whew! I feel like this week was just a blur and it's sort of hard to believe it is already Friday! I've unfortunately got a weekend full of work (gotta pay those bills!), but excited for the sprinkling of fun things throughout as well..
-a 4onthefloor concert
-catching up on some reading (a Handmaid's Tale has been really intriguing so far)
-possibilities of cookin' and craftin'!
-the Fashion Forward Collective show (my roommate is walking in it!) w/special guest Danielle Everine from Project Runway Season 9
-AND The Hunger Games!

I hope all of you have some fun plans for the weekend-if you've got sunshine, get out there and enjoy it on behalf of all of us who are stuck in the rainy and foggy weather that just doesn't want to go away! If you are trapped inside, check out some of my favorite finds from around the web...

bicycle buses for Dutch kids (they are always ahead of the game there!)

one of my favorite online shops lovely spring dresses, like this one

hilarious Bachelor sketches (via Cup of Jo)

a peek at Katniss's Hunger Games looks

crazy cat nap positions

my favorite source for tattoo inspiration

Prosciutto-wrapped salmon with asparagus from aneessa at What's More to Love

And this lil diddy to get your weekend started off...have a great one!

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