Monday, April 23, 2012

weekend recap: fun times in Chicago!

Well I am back from Chicago and it was such a great weekend! I feel blessed to have such wonderful people in my was nice to just hop right back into things like we had never left-laughing, story telling, exploring the city, cooking, and everything else in between! 
I managed to cover a ton of ground-I think I literally walked for three days straight, but it felt good! 

On Friday, I had the day to myself to I was able to get my hair cut at Art + Science (if you're in Chicago-get your hair cut there!!) and I walked around the Lincoln Park neighborhood for awhile, stopping into Argo Tea for my favorite Mate Latte. From there I made the trek towards Michigan Ave for a bit of retail therapy and of course, people watching :) I met up with Jules and Jessica at Rick Bayless's lunch spot, Xoco, for a deeelicious sandwich and the best cup of hot chocolate I have ever had! Seriously. 
Our other girlfriend, Annie, came in later that night and after munching on some tasty Thai from Kozy's we went out to enjoy the night!

Saturday was great too-homemade french toast and fruit salad...walking around Lincoln Park, free Luna bars at Lululemon!, lunch at Athenian Room, downtown craziness, more people watching, great conversations, riding the brown line. We decided to go to Big Star, an amazing taco joint and whiskey bar in Wicker Park for dinner along with our friends Chewy and John-more great conversations and of course the tacos, oh the tacos! 

I hope all of you had great weekends too! Tonight I'm looking forward to cooking up some fish tacos with Ry, so be on the look out for some recipes for that! 

xo, Maggie


  1. Just found you Maggie!! Great blog!! Chicago is a place I've always longed to go... someday maybe ;)

    Eager to get to know you better- new follower :)


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, always happy to have a new follower :) And you should definitely make a visit to Chicago-so awesome!