Monday, April 2, 2012

weekend recap

     well it was another lovely weekend in Milwaukee with my family-this time for a 21st birthday celebration for my sister! I still can't believe that she is actually 21...that she is in college, heck almost done with college-they grow up so fast :) 
     we had a lot of fun with my brother and his girlfriend in the adorable neighborhood of Bay View (about 10mins south of downtown). We had a few drinks at this great place, Sugar Maple, which has 60 craft beers on tap (!!!) with a nice ambiance, aannd their feature soup was cream of caramelized onion soup! I would definitely recommend it. 

bar at Sugar Maple
Other highlights of the weekend: a tasty breakfast at Flipside, my first experience getting my nails done with the chellac polish (still holding up well!), an AH-mazing home cooked meal (I'll share the risotto recipe tomrrow), and a kick-butt martini at my parent's favorite bar, Ernie's. 
!All in all, a solid weekend with a solid family :) 

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