Thursday, January 31, 2013

all curled up with a good book!


I just started reading Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl and I have hardly been able to put it down! Have you heard of it? Oh man...I don't want to give away anything, but if you like stories with lots of twists and keeps you guessing on who really is the "villian", then this is the book for you!
While the novel starts out with the main characters (Nick and Amy) celebrating their five-year anniversary, it becomes clear very quickly that the love that was once unquestionable, has certainly changed. And then Amy disappears, taken from their home. The books goes back and forth between Nick and Amy recalling moments of their relationship throughout the years, all while Amy's mysterious (and troubling!) disappearance is being investigated. Okay, I've probably said too much already!  
I'm only about halfway through, but I cannot wait to get home tonight and keep on reading/feeling anxious about what might happen next!

Anyone else reading a great book? Feel free to share :)


  1. Read it. Loved it. Just finished another great one by Gillian Flynn called Dark Places. Add it to your to-read'll love it!

    1. I'm almost done with this one, putting Dark Places on the goodreads list as we speak! Miss you!