Wednesday, January 16, 2013

unpacking & adjusting

Yes, I am still here and haven't been swallowed up by all the boxes (see below) in my apartment, thank goodness!

I have been slowly trying to find a home for everything and realizing along the way that I had forgotten some of the basic necessities: towels, silverware, soap, coffee pot (yes, this IS a necessity!), but surviving and settling in just great!
In the midst of unpacking, I have fully realized that despite my best efforts to deny it, I am such a pack rat. Exhibit A: still have the save the date from my girl friend's wedding that was practically three years ago! Exhibit B: Textbooks from college. I have no idea why. Exhibit C: Clothes...the ones I bought thinking "I can totally take this in myself" and never got around to...Goodwill is going to loove me by the time I am done going through everything :)

Honestly though, I can't even tell you how much life improves by only having a 10 minute commute instead of an hour commute! I've gained back so much to make sure I use it wisely is the tricky part. Getting back into a workout routine is #1 on my list, which will happen as soon as I find my running shoes! I promise to get some non-moving box pictures up as I get more settled in (currently on the hunt for a couch and chairs for my kitchen table, amongst other things) and hopefully a few DIYs that you can try out for your own spaces too.

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