Wednesday, January 23, 2013

my first milwaukee visitor!

hi all! good news: I have the internet up & running in the apartment (hallelujah!)
even better news: I had my first successful Milwaukee visitor last weekend! My lovely cousin (and dear friend), Laura, decided to pay the midwest a visit and I couldn't have been happier to show her around and spend some quality time with her.

We lucked out and the truly cold weather didn't show up until the end of her visit, so we were able to be out & about quite a bit. We managed to spend some time thrift shopping in Cedarburg (where my parents live), made some AHmazing homemade pizza, made a pitstop to Duluth Trading Co., sampled some beer at Lakefront Brewery, dined on some tasty tacos at Bel Air Cantina, and even played darts & pool at Wolski's (your classic Milwaukee dive bar) all in one weekend!

A few things about planning activities in Milwaukee-get brewery tour reservations in advance! Make dinner reservations at the local hot spot in advance (I'll get to Odd Duck one of these days!), and even though I hate to admit it, having a car is reaallyyy useful!

*thanks to my cuz for borrowing a few of her photos!

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