Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BOY at the Pabst Pub

I had some good luck Monday and was the winner of two tickets to see BOY perform at the Pabst Theater Pub last night. Since my sister is back in town, I decided to make a "sister night" out of it and invited her to join me to check them out! 

Despite the name, Boy is actually comprised of the female singing duo, Valeska Steiner (from Switzerland), and Sonja Glass (from Germany) and occasionally features the talents of full-time drummer of Phoenix, Thomas Hedlund. The show was at the Pabst Pub, a small bar and performance space connected to the Pabst Theater, and in my opinion, was the perfect venue for this intimate performance. Steiner and Glass were wonderfully entertaining and unintentionally funny in between songs. Their music is a bit reminiscent of Feist; a mix of playful/poppy songs like their hit "Little Numbers", but also a few slower and darker songs as well. If any of you have heard of First Aid Kit, I think you would like what BOY has to say...check out their acoustic performance of one of my favorite songs "Drive Darling" and see what you think! 

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  1. I Love Boy - did not know you were a fan too!!!