Wednesday, May 1, 2013

on the road: snack time!

This weekend we are heading to Bloomington, IN to see my sister graduate from college (!!!). While my parents are heading down Thursday, Ryan, my brother (TJ) and his lady (Danielle) take off Friday morning for our own little road trip. As we have been making our travel plans, it has been agreed upon that two things are at the top of our road trip essentials list: 1. music and 2. snacks! 

I will fully admit that I am using the term "road trip" very loosely, since this drive is only about 6 hours BUT that doesn't change the fact that some good tunes and tasty snacks can totally make any drive a little more enjoyable. I thought I would round up some good lookin' snack ideas that I have been wanting to try out. So check out the links above and then get ready to hit the road with your new favorite snack! As far as music goes...I've got a few favorite Pandora stations in mind and I might just have to make a "mix tape" too...

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