Friday, May 17, 2013

in the kitchen: chocolate chip cookie challenge!

Anu, our very excited & willing cookie judge!

So somehow a late night bar conversation about eating chocolate chip cookies with whole milk turned into a chocolate chip cookie bake off between Ryan and me...enter the 1st Annual Chocolate Chip Cookie Challenge! Without us even realizing it, this Wednesday was actually National Chocolate Chip Cookie day, so our bake off couldn't have come at a better time-talk about good timing!

The challenge: bake the best chocolate chip cookie
The judge: Anu
The rules: NO rules!
The details: We both found separate cookie recipes that we used for our cookies and of course, had secret ingredients that were revealed at the official judging last secret ingredients: Nutella, browned butter, sea salt. Ryan's secret ingredients: pudding mix and walnuts
The cookies...
Left: Ryan's Right: Mine!

The results: This might be slightly anti-climatic, but for our inaugural cookie challenge, I can't announce any official winners-Anu was too nice (or maybe just experiencing a chocolate chip cookie high) to pick her favorite. We all really loved the addition of the sea salt and Nutella to my batch and the pudding mix in Ryan's made the cookies extra fluffy and soft. I personally plan on combining our recipes together in the future to make one ultimate chocolate chip cookie! 

At the end of the day, I loved that we decided to just go for it and actually have a cookie bake off. It was such a fun and seriously delicious night...good people, warm cookies, can't beat that in my book! Have you ever had a bake off or cooking competition before? This was my second "official" cooking competition- I took the prize home a few years ago at my family reunion with this recipe! If you are interested in testing out the cookies that we made for the challenge (you really should!), my recipe is from Ambitious Kitchen and here is one for Ryan's version....enjoy and don't forget to wash it down with a big glass of milk! 

Bon appetit!

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