Thursday, May 16, 2013

fave find 5.0: turntable kitchen!

Last weekend, we were at a friend's going away dinner and she received such an awesome present-a pairings box from Turntable Kitchen! Have you heard of it? 

As someone who pretty much always has to have music on in the background (whether or not I am cooking!), I think that the pairings box is simply ingenious. The creators, Kasey and Matthew, have combined their love of music and food to give us a way to explore new tastes and sounds and it's delivered right to your doorstep! Subscribers to the Turntable Kitchen receive a pairings box each month that features exclusive recipes, special ingredients, a limited edition 7-inch vinyl featuring favorite artists of Turntable's annnd digital mix tape for your listening pleasure as you prepare your special meal. The kit also provides notes on pairings for your meal and an occasional extra treat from their partnering businesses and organizations. 

Pure great. 

Turntable Kitchen's website also offers foodies and music lovers a way to check out some of their favorite recipes and listen to playlists as well in case making the monthly commitment isn't what you are looking for right now. I think I have already pinned practically every recipe on the site and definitely want to try out the eggplant & meyer lemon risotto, sage biscuits, phyllo wrapped tilapia, and oh man, these homemade thin mints look t-a-s-t-y! Hope you find a few recipes to try out too...see you in the kitchen! 

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