Thursday, July 12, 2012

DIY: blank card creations

Awhile back I purchased a set of blank white note cards and I have been having some fun using them lately! I tend to keep it simple and of course, Etsy always offer inspiration (aka the lawn mower card seen below). I have struggled to find time in my life for lots of crafting, but when I can, I try to at least do a little thing here and there. I think these card are one great way that I have been able to get crafty and you can easily do this too! Seriously, do it! I found my blank cards at Michael's, possibly even in the dollar bin and then just use fine tip sharpies for the images and text. Take a peek at a few I have done lately! (I also threw one that I did awhile back that were using colored card stock & a one-hole punch-DIY motto: keep it simple!)

Supplies needed:
-set of blank cards (white or any color really)
-Fine-point Sharpies (I like the Sharpie Pen best for the text)
-Colored cardstock & a one-hole punch for the last type of card
-Your imagination! But of course, peruse the world wide web for inspiration :)

sorry for the reddish tint on the pics, swear they are white cards! 

(inside page)
Happy crafting! 

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