Monday, July 2, 2012

weekend recap!

Despite there being a bit too much of work time in my weekend, it still managed to be a pretty fun few days! Our old roommate was in town, so naturally we found ourselves sippin' on some brews and chatting most of the weekend, enjoying the pretty great summer weather.
We hit up a local Mexican restaurant for a bite to eat on Saturday-Ry made friends with the bartender discussing the best kind of tequila for sipping (I don't think I can stomach it anymore!) and had an amazing view of the lake & bridge while we ate.

Our lovely friends, Lizzy & Sam had us over for a long overdue BBQ...let's face it, summer is not really summer until you start grilling! And we wrapped things up on Sunday night with yet another super tasty BBQ with Ry's Aunt & Uncle (they treat us oh so well!). 
Oh and of course, we had to watch some of the Olympic trials...I think I was more stressed out than those gymnasts-they do some amazingly scary moves, but I can't wait for the games to official begin!
How was your weekend? I hope it was glorious! 

p.s. I am going strong on my detox intermittently, but it's happening & I'm feeling good :)

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