Friday, July 20, 2012

Local Spot: Lake Ave. Restuarant & Bar

Many people consider Duluth far off and remote, but it really is a great city with some realllyyyy great spots throughout the city and up the shore to enjoy some awesome local cuisine.
Last night some of my co-workers and I decided to grab a drink (or two) and a bite to eat at the local Lake Avenue Restaurant and Bar that is right in the Canal Park area of Duluth, hot spot for locals and tourists, especially during the summer season because of all the great patios to on and enjoy the view of the lake.

I decided to have a glass of the L’Orangerie, a french Chardonnay which was really delicious and refreshing-had hints of lemon zest, hazelnut, and pineapple. We then all decided to share one of the tastiest appetizers I have had in a long time, the Caprese Eclair...amazing!!! I know, a caprese eclair? Trust me, it was delicious. It was actually a really light appetizer despite the name-heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil and white truffled in a puff pastry-I am officially determined to try and make my own version of this at home so I can enjoy it all the time.

We decided to continue the good eating and all shared the stuffed pepper (with rice and other veggies) with a side of fresh sour cream, sliced avocado, and chutney. Amazingly fresh and we were again impressed and since a few of us were still on a food high decided to finish the night with one of my favorite treats, the chorizo stuffed dates: dates, smoked bacon and chorizo sausage served with smoked pepper aioli. They are just the perfect combination of sweet, salty and savory all in one bite! 

Aside from the fabulous food, what really made the night was the wonderful company...I am so lucky to work with such amazing women and to be able to call them friends on top of that. They have definitely set the bar high for co-workers and I am going to miss them oh so much once I leave for Milwaukee! 

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