Tuesday, July 10, 2012

packing our bags...

I am excited to tell you that in just a few weeks, Love Type Thing will officially be coming at ya from Milwaukee, Wi! 
 After almost two wonderful years here in Duluth (about six for Ryan!), Ry and I decided that we wanted to get back a bit closer to our families and try to move back to the Milwaukee area. I was fortunate enough to recently find a job, which means this move is really happening! 

I have to say that it is truly bittersweet, which is ironic, because when I first moved up to Duluth, I told Ry-"we are only staying here for one.year!"...I had come from five years in Chicago and couldn't imagine that I would find my niche here, but I have so enjoyed all the people and experiences over the past few years! We are both so lucky to have such amazing friends up here, a beautiful city to explore, a organization that I simply have adored working for, and great family who always have their door open for us, a tasty dinner, and a glass of wine. Despite all of this, we know it is just that time for us to move on. 

Things I am looking forward to:
1. Family! My parents & both sets of Ry's parents are within thirty mins or less of the city and that is just glorious compared to our six-ish hour long drive from Duluth. And my brother is Milwaukee as well, which is great! 

2. Biking! Okay fine, there is totally biking in Duluth, but these hills are killer.

3. Having our own place-current roomies aka my Duluth family, you know I love you, but I think we are all looking forward to a lil more elbow room...

4. Rediscovering Milwaukee. Though I have hung out in the city, I have never actually lived in Milwaukee...I am sure there are lots of hidden treasures waiting to be found.

5. Train rides to Chicago! Some of my wonderful college friends will now just be a short hour and a half train ride away from me...pure bliss :)

6. Life changes. Okay, actually that part makes me anxious, but also excited! 

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  1. Yeah Girl! I am excited for you to move as well, and cannot wait for all that comes.

    Enjoy the weeks you have left! xojulesmoksha