Wednesday, June 6, 2012

listening to | Brandi Carlile: Bear Creek

Do you have that music, maybe one song or a whole album, that just brings back memories and puts you in a happy place? Well, for me one of those singers is Brandi Carlile and she just released her new album yesterday, entitled "Bear Creek".
Of course I had to get it right away...her voice is just real and authentic, so there is not question about always supporting her work. I haven't always been the first person to purchase music, but after too many years of downloading from random sources, I decided it was time to give some real support to the artists I love! 
The Seattle Times writes: With her latest release, "Bear Creek" (named for the Woodinville-based studio), Carlile has fulfilled her true potential. Where she once easily and rewardingly genre-hopped through bluegrass, folk and pop-rock anthems, she has seamlessly integrated and transcended influences toward a more complete voice. On "Bear Creek," Carlile becomes an American original no longer in need of critics' endless comparisons to other contemporary artists

I definitely recommend checking out the album....I'll be rocking out to it today! 
Take a listen to "That Wasn't Me" from the new album...

That Wasn't Me by Brandi Carlile on Grooveshark

p.s. bonus, the official video for this song too! Enjoy!

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