Friday, June 8, 2012

get your bowl on, it's the weekend!

Last night we celebrated our friend Sam's birthday with some bowling! If you had asked about three years ago if I would want to go bowling, you would get a big fat no/running out the door/rolling of the eyes/a million suggestions for anything other than bowling! I just did not have any interest in it at all. Period. Lucky for me, I swallowed my fears/dislike for the sport & participated in a bowling league through work (made up of a handful of area non-profits) and it managed to cure all my qualms about it! I found out I wasn't that terrible and it really is just another fun way to socialize with your friends (or coworkers).
I was definitely glad we went last night; I managed to break 100 on my first game-always a personal goal and we had a lot of fun with our friends!

Now the weekend is practically here and it's the first time I won't be working or traveling in awhile, so I am really excited to just have a good ol' fashioned weekend here in Duluth. A friend of ours has a gallery opening at the Ochre Ghost gallery, so my roommate and I are going to head over there to see his work. I am also realllyyyyy excited to finally be making it to the infamous Park Point garage sale on Saturday, deemed to have "over 100 yards with sales and four miles of great bargains!" 

The lift bridge & Park Point

Park Point, a neighborhood of Duluth, is about seven miles in total and is connected to Duluth via a lift is a really adorable neighborhood and the beaches there are where you will find many a Duluthian throughout the summer (and winter too!) catching some rays and playin' in the water. Since it is supposed to be nice & toasty out all weekend, I am hoping to enjoy the lakefront, along with some awesome bargain hunting. I will be sure to report back with any great finds :)

Have a great weekend and see you Monday! 


  1. SOOOOO sad I'm missing the park point sale with you - hope you find some crazy good treasures!

  2. love it! Check my blog darling and maybe you wanna follow each other! XoXo