Wednesday, June 20, 2012

first day of summer aka the great flood

Holy flood batman! should see what has been going on here in Duluth (though apparently we have made national news). It has just been raining off and on pretty much since this past Friday, so as the rain kept coming all day yesterday and last night, it was clear we were in store for some flooding. 
Woke up this morning to news of seals escaping from the zoo, cars falling into sink holes, homes being evacuated-total craziness! Luckily, our house isn't too close to the creek that runs through town and we have a solid foundation for the basement, but there were certainly some not so lucky homes around Duluth and the few towns over who are close to the St. Louis River. 
Our poor Whole Foods Co-op lost it's retaining wall to one of the creeks...

One of the worst sink holes...apparently the passengers were in the car when it sunk down! 

Ry and I decided to go explore a bit with Reef and check out some of the damage nearby...

Like I said, we were SO lucky that there was little to no damage done to our house or any of friends and family's homes, but man oh man Duluth is looking rough today! 
Vermillion Rd.

Congdon Creek

Making the best of the floods...

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