Monday, June 4, 2012

d i y: chalkboard wine glasses

Finally! I managed to focus for about 30 minutes and accomplished a long over due diy...chalkboard wine glasses! So simple and it adds a fun touch to the glasses, especially if you are having company over. 
The whole process was very easy, you just need:

-wine glasses (big red wine goblets are my favorite)
-chalk board paint
-a paintbrush 
*Special thanks to Ry for providing all the supplies...back in December (see I told you this was overdue!)

The process really couldn't be any simpler....
1. Open the paint; mix the paint with a paint stirrer...or a plastic knife like I did!
2. Dip paint brush in & apply the first coat to each base of the wine glasses
3. Let dry for about 20 minutes
4. Repeat step two and apply a second coat to ensure the base is fully covered
5. Let the glasses dry a full day before using chalk on them....viola!

After the first coat-looks dark, but trust me-a second coat is best!
Second coat applied!
Now to wait a day...then it's chalk time!

If you have some spare wine glasses, I definitely recommend giving this a whirl-it was so easy, I only regret taking so darn long to sit down and do it! Did you DIY this weekend? I hope I can find some time to get a few other projects on my list completed-check out all my favorites ideas on my d i y pinterest board! 

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