Tuesday, June 19, 2012

dancing in Times Square

A short while back when I was visiting family on the East Coast, I had the chance to do some exploring in the Times Square neighborhood of New York City. One of the best moments of the day was when I got to watch a few dance performances put on by a group called Naomi Goldberg Haas: Dances for a Variable Population (DVP) and seniors from Project FIND Woodstock Senior Center. Goldberg's DVP program explores the way we can facilitate communication, wellness, and genuine human interaction through dance.  

The group featured both the young and the old-collaborating to create unique and lively performances throughout the day. I really loved watching the numbers that paired younger dancers an elder dancer. It was amazing to see the different ways that each of their bodies moved and interpreted the dance.   

"...I have been working with senior populations, mixing this community with young modern dancers, exploring how these disparate groups can learn from one another about the nature of movement and expression. This has led me to realize that those with limited movement ability can often find maximal expression in the movements they are capable of creating" -Naomi Goldberg Haas

This performance was hosted through the Times Square Arts, a program of the Times Square Alliance, which hosts a wide variety of art events throughout the year.

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