Wednesday, June 27, 2012

good intentions

Yesterday I started reading the introduction to the Detox & Empowerment program and I really enjoyed/appreciated what Sadie Nardini had to say. Nothing was over complicated and some of the information I was even a bit familiar with. She's also got a good sense of humor and seems to be pretty down to earth, which makes the program much more approachable. I  was ready to go and get started! 
Or so I thought...

I had my alarm set for 6am and went to bed completely planning on getting a jump start to my first day of yoga this morning....too bad my phone has a snooze button because man oh man did I use that this morning! Looks like I will be doing my first yoga session, "Core Transformer" later on this evening after work. Don't you hate when your good intentions just leave you feeling guilty! 
On the positive side, I did get myself prepared for the first detox smoothie that I will be making myself for lunch-a blend of avocado, honey, almond milk, vanilla yogurt, and flax seed....yum! I have to admit, I am feel apprehensive about throwing an avocado into the mix. In my world avocado equals guacamole, so this will be new territory for me! 

Here are a few recipes you could check out for yourself: via Bon Appetit, via SHAPE, and via Honest Fare 

Honestly, I really am looking forward to my yoga session later tonight-I'm bouncing between both jobs today, so I think it will be a great way to refocus and prepare for the next day. Stay tuned for more updates AND a few pictures from the weekend! 

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