Friday, August 31, 2012

closet cleanse

This week has just been hectic/fun/tiring, so I am certainly excited to have a whole extra day this weekend to tackle projects I just haven't had the time for. Currently my major project is....
de-cluttering and closet cleansing! 

 I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure in the past I have single-handedly kept the retail businesses going with some of my shopping was an issue and though I am still guilty of making a few impulsive buys here and there (cue Ryan laughing at me and pointing at my boot collection) I have been doing a much better job with making more thoughtful buys. 
STILL. There are still somehow waayy too many boxes of my things that made their way down from Duluth to Milwaukee, so it is time for part ways with those I "just had to have/such a great deal/why not?" items that have been collecting dust in the good ol' closet. 

Do you have a method for your closet cleanses? I personal start off with making piles: Keep, Maybe, Not sure what to do with this (aka missing buttons, needs to be taken in etc.) and Giveaway! My goal is to have the "keep" pile be the smallest and the "giveaway" the biggest (which my mom and sister usually appreciate!). 

Another great resource for making your closet and wardrobe really work for you is Kendi's, from Kendi Everyday, Working Closet series. It is a really great and approachable way to start working on getting rid of those extras you really don't need or maybe just don't work for your style anymore-I highly recommend checking it out here. If anything you can check out the rest of her blog and get some great styling ideas and laugh at her oh so witty commentary on life and fashion...a win-win-win, I'd say!

So if you have been feeling the itch to really purge your closet or other knick-knacks around the house, take advantage of that extra day this weekend and get cleaning! 

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