Thursday, August 23, 2012

in the kitchen: foodie find!

Some of my favorite things to peruse on the web are different cooking blogs and cooking websites-there are just so many great ones! Because there are soo many great spots to find new recipes to test out, I wish I had a better way of condensing it all together....POOF! Wish granted.

I have no idea if this is old news, but my mom's good friend mentioned a great foodie website that she knew I would be into and boy was she right! It's called Punchfork-have you heard of it? If you have, then I guess I am jealous you have had this lil gem, but if you haven't then I highly recommend taking a gander at their one-stop-shop for great recipes from a lot of talented cooks. Another useful feature is the ability to sort through the site by your type of diet: vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and even paleo! Of course you can always leave the filter off for us meat eaters :) Here are a few of my latest finds that I hope I can test out soon! 

kale, white bean, & potato stew (fall is right around the corner!)

creamy avocado pasta (I'm curious!)

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