Friday, August 3, 2012

morning thoughts

1. Breakfast is SO necessary for me to function in the morning. And coffee (duh.)

2. Commuting to work (in a car) is just awful-how do people do this every day? Thankful for 88.9 Radio Milwaukee and NPR right now for providing some mental escape from commuter land.

3. I'm in total nerd mode with the Game of Thrones books. I have about three other books sitting in my "dock" on my Kindle, but every time I have finished a GoT book, I ignore all the rest and download the next one! Since I have just started the final book in the series, I figure I will crawl back out of my "medeval" world and back into one of my many other books (Sin in the Second City, The Night Circus, The Fault in Our Stars...)

4. I know I am not the only one and definitely not the first to say this in the last 48 hours BUT, 
Gabby Douglas. You rock!

5. My dad is one of the best cooks around-the temporary living at home situation is a tasty one :)

Happy Friday morning to all of you!

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