Wednesday, August 1, 2012

relocation = blog neglect

sorry folks, my move (though not a super far one) from Duluth to Milwaukee and starting the new job has meant an absence of blogging. That and my nightly watching of the Olympics instead of writing-what can I say, it's so exciting!
Anyways! I am back in Milwaukee...well actually outside of Milwaukee, hanging at my parent's house until Ryan joins me here in the land of beer and brats. Side note: everyone knows there is more to Milwaukee than that, right?! Might have to make it my mission to enlighten you...). I have started my new job and I am missing the liveliness of my old office, but I know I just have to take some time to get settled in and find my groove. New beginnings, even when you're in somewhat familiar settings, can be so overwhelming! I have been occupying my time with lots of apartment hunting, catching up on reading (in the midst of three books!), and learning a lil backgammon from my dad. 

Promise I shall return soon with more regular updates! Until then, I hope all of you have had a great start to your weeks-almost halfway through already! 

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