Wednesday, May 9, 2012

listening to | Beach House: Bloom

NPR just released a "First Listen" of Beach House's fourth album, Bloom....I am in love. There is just something so effortless and dreamy about their music. I encourage you to check out the album, you can listen to it in its entirety here as well as pre-order the album via iTunes or Amazon.  My personal favorites are "Wild" and "Other People" I have had it on repeat for a few days and can't wait to have it for my own! 

excerpt from NPR: 
The band's fourth album, Bloom, is unquestionably a Beach House record, and one that on the surface feels more like a continuation than the product of evolution. That is, until you go back and hear how far this band has truly come. Through its first three records, Beach House's development has followed an almost imperceptibly subtle yet linear path: The murky production has become cleaner and less hissy. The vocal lines shine brighter through the haze. The aching, dreamy melodies are more memorable.

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