Friday, May 4, 2012

time for the weekend!

Once again the week has gone by in a blink of an eye-not going to lie, the universe seemed to be playing a lot of jokes on me this week, but luckily there were lots of fun things going on and good times with my roommates to distract me. 
We had a fun night at more Homegrown shows last night...this time we saw Portage at the Thirsty Pagan (where Ry brews beer!) and they were really great...their music just makes me happy! Before the show ended, we darted over to another venue to see our friends band, Fearless Moral Inventory, for a more rowdy and head-banging good time! Homegrown always keeps you moving since there are so many shows going on all throughout the night.
Live recording from Portage
With Ry in Milwaukee for his mom's birthday celebration and the roommates out of town, I figure tonight I can take some time to get some projects done around the house (that laundry pile doesn't ever seem to take care of itself!), and of course continue my Mad Men marathon :) Pretty exciting, huh? The Homegrown fun will continue Saturday and I am even volunteering at one of the venues on Sunday and hopefully will be meeting up with a friend for drinks and apps before she leaves for an exciting trip to Haiti! What will you be doing this weekend? 

Have lots of fun, whatever your plans may be! xo, Maggie

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  1. I made it in your blog!!! So sad I missed this show... that's definitely a sound I'm going to keep my ears open for. Can't wait for our re-scheduled drinks and app's night!!!