Wednesday, May 30, 2012

baby shower in Philly!

Well, I had really meant to write more about my trip out East sooner, but the holiday weekend just flew by and I didn't get around to it! But I am happy share a few photos with you from my trip-it really was so wonderful to spend some time with my cousins and aunts annd second cousins, all while celebrating my cousin Katie's first baby on the way! 
My mom's cousin, Christy, graciously offered her home in the Villanova neighborhood of Philly, to host the baby shower and it worked beautifully! We had a great group of ladies come out to celebrate, tasty food, and I was pretty proud of how my banner turned out :)
it's a Fodera!
And remember the blessing beads necklace I told you we were going to create for Katie? It turned out perfectly! We all shared our well-wishes and advice and of course a few tears as the moms there remembered the first days with their kiddos...

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend with such amazing women! Can't wait til the next time we are all reunited and of course, until I get to meet lil' baby Fodera!

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