Thursday, May 31, 2012

Duluth Superior Film Festival: King Curling

Last night kicked off the start of the annual Duluth Superior Film Festival! This is my first year attending and I was definitely impressed with the opening night events a the Clyde Iron in West Duluth. I am actually volunteering for the event on Saturday night, which has the perk of getting an all access pass for all the films, special events, and music performances! Note: if you can volunteer for events/music festivals/etc., seriously do it! You always meet some great people and get to participate in the event for little to usually no cost...a good deal all around :)
The feature film for opening night was a Norwegian comedy called, King Curling. It follows the story of a competitive curling player, Truls Paulsen, who was once the reigning champion; but due to his obsessive compulsive and juust a little bit of mental instability, he is banned from playing the sport for ten years. He returns to the game in hopes of winning money to save his beloved coach and the film follows him as he rounds up his old team and meets some interesting characters along the way. Check out the trailer below....

I really enjoyed King Curling-so did the rest of the attendees as well; clapping and laughing out loud throughout the whole film! Truls is ultimately a lovable character despite his OCD and the cast of friends is hilarious (all with their own issues going on). I would absolutely recommend checking this movie out...still trying to figure out where you can view it other than film festivals, but I am sure there are some internet savvy people out there who can find a way to come by it! I'll be checking out more of the events and films the rest of the week/end, so I'll be sure to update you as it goes on! 
Have any of you seen any great films lately? Feel free to share :)

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