Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weight of the Nation

HBO premiered part one of its' "Weight of the Nation" documentary this week and I encourage you all to take some time to watch it for yourself! You don't have HBO you say? No worries, HBO is allowing the general public to view the film online because the reality is, is that the issue of obesity in our nation is very real. 
I personally try to maintain a healthy life style, but of course end up with more days not at the gym then I would like and of course, working a desk job doesn't help anything either! Regardless, I do my best to buy organic when I can, incorporate a good variety of veggies and's the little things that can either add up to help or hurt in the end when it comes to healthy living. 

A little more about the film series....
"The centerpiece of THE WEIGHT OF THE NATION campaign is the four-part documentary series, each featuring case studies, interviews with our nation’s leading experts, and individuals and their families struggling with obesity. The first film, CONSEQUENCES, examines the scope of the obesity epidemic and explores the serious health consequences of being overweight or obese. The second, CHOICES, offers viewers the skinny on fat, revealing what science has shown about how to lose weight, maintain weight loss and prevent weight gain. The third, CHILDREN IN CRISIS, documents the damage obesity is doing to our nation’s children. Through individual stories, this film describes how the strong forces at work in our society are causing children to consume too many calories and expend too little energy; tackling subjects from school lunches to the decline of physical education, the demise of school recess and the marketing of unhealthy food to children. The fourth film, CHALLENGES, examines the major driving forces causing the obesity epidemic, including agriculture, economics, evolutionary biology, food marketing, racial and socioeconomic disparities, physical inactivity, American food culture, and the strong influence of the food and beverage industry." 

Visit HBO to watch part 1 & 2 of the film series and feel free to share your thoughts! 


  1. I did not know it was viewable for everyone! this is great... so glad you shared! xo julesmoksha

  2. This looks BRILLIANT! Thank you for sharing!! And it's also great to know that it is viewable for everyone! I'll for sure be watching this!