Tuesday, May 15, 2012

weekend recap & the week ahead!

There was lots of fun to be had this past weekend-great weather, great friends, and relaxation....my top moments:

1. Getting to see where three of my roomies grew up in Brainerd, Mn. I'm in love with their houses :)
2. Catching some rays while Ry was kegging beers at the Pagan...finally a chance to work on that tan!
3. BBQ with new friends...can't beat fresh fruit, brats, and beer (man, I am a midwest girl!)
4. Exploring Lester Creek with Ry & lil Reef aka me trying to keep up with the two of them! 
5. Getting to watch the segment my brother helped produce on Milwaukee Public TV-SO cool! Check it out here if you want to...
6. Lounging outside with Ry's aunt & Uncle, playin' with their new pup...wonderful

All in all it was a solid weekend all around! The best part is, I now only have a few days until I am heading off to NYC/Philly for my cousins' weekend and baby shower for my cousin Katie! I am realli excited to have some time to explore NYC on my own during the day on Thursday (thanks to a very early morning flight-it was the cheapest, what can I say!) and then spending time with my amazing family! This is the third year for me joining in on the now annual cousins weekend and I just love that we work so hard to try and see each other despite our hectic lives and the distance between us. The cherry on top of this trip is that I am going to get to see one of my dearest friends, Jani, in NYC on Sunday morning, because she will just so happen to be there for her own weekend fun...talk about good timing! 

So let the countdown begin, only two more days! What do you have in your week ahead?

And don't forget....

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