Friday, May 25, 2012

Enjoy the long weekend!

where I wish I would be this weekend!

Ahhh, the weekend is practically here and even better that it is a long one! I hope that you all have a bit more exciting plans in store than me-I'm stuck working-and that the weather is better than here in Duluth-rain all weekend-but I'll be making the best of it...

-Reading more of the 2nd part of 50 Shade of Grey, too hard to put down!
-Getting to the fabric store to find a pattern for the lovely fabric I found at Mood in NYC!
-Catching up with friends before summer sweeps them away on adventures
-Listening to the new Kimbra album ("Settle Down" is one of my faves, especially the music video: )
-BBQ, rain or shine on Sunday! It's Memorial Day weekend, it's a must!

What will all of you be doing this weekend? Whatever it may be, enjoy and I hope all is well in your time and place :)

p.s. Don't forget to hit up some those sales this weekend! 


  1. I'm in San Diego! Thinking I would be doing beachy stuff but it's too cold :(

    Regardless, it's been FUN!

    Hope you have a great weekend too Maggie! It sound lovely!

  2. aw, well your weekend (even though your working) sounds fabulous with listening to kimbra and bbqing ;)
    xo TJ